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Reality of war…

When we are brought in to this world as Americans we are naturally groomed to earn the rights to the American dream. Never ending education, meet the perfect spouse and raise a family and then retire and grow old together… In today’s society we are so consumed with getting from point A to point B the quickest and most direct way. Most of the time with blinders on not really knowing or seeing what’s going on around us. All you have to do is watch “Watter’s World” and you will understand what I mean. Until something so tragic like 9/11 happens then we are stopped in our tracks. Unfortunately, for only a short time or until the newness (lack of a better word) goes away. But what’s left in the wake of something like 9/11 is our military personnel. Although I am a firm believer all youth should spend at least 2 years serving their country out of high school, but these individuals who do go into the service really go in never thinking they would actually go to war.

As technology has grown over the years so has the technology of games. Out goes the “Cowboy and Indian” or “Cops and Robbers” play to the military special forces like the “Call of Duty” or “Gears of War” games. Specially with boys, having these games with powerful guns to shot and various types of things to blow up what could be better… It builds them up with the real lack of understand of the “reality of war”.

I feel our government does not take care of the needs of our veterans of today and specially of yesterday. Our soldiers are trained in “Mind, Body and Soul” of how to fight for their country. The reality of war puts them in a position to have to exercise their “Fight or Flight” mentality. It’s something as a civilian we hope to never have to experience. The reality of war stays with them.

Now our soldiers return home as veterans forever changed by the loss of innocence. The well-trained “Mind, Body and Soul” sees the reality of war… Although proud to be an American and will fight for their country and better yet their fellow-man, brother, friend again and again even knowing the reality of war… We as a society that doesn’t really know the reality of war needs to take a step back, listen, learn from our veterans from the past and present. Because they are the ones that had fought for our freedom and the freedom of others and continue fighting for you today…

Diminishing Generations is a project that brings history to you. Reality of war… Really learning what “Fight or Flight” mentality really is.. Here is a piece of a story from a Vietnam veteran, William Auten. This was his reality…

Diminishing Generations is a project that brings these stories to life with Augmented Reality. They are personal, powerful and raw with some stories never been told as the veterans have talked with me for the first time.

So please keep watch as Diminishing Generations will be released November 14, 2015.

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