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2016 Plans… What will it bring…

Happy New Year!! I hope this New Year will bring happiness in everything you do…

2015 was busy and an amazing year… It started off slow but ended with a big band!! I’ve been working hard for about the last two years on collecting interviews, research, editing, writing ect… When June of last year came Jim Dailey of Digital Delta Design with Javier Campos, David Riley, Cathy Felty and I work so hard to complete this amazing project in time of its release of November 14, 2015, and we did it!!! The turnout for this amazing project was so overwhelming.. As well as making some positive changes in lives of some people…

The books of Diminishing Generations are different because they utilize the Augmented Reality technology, which places digital content between the user and the physical world. In this case, the AR-enabled apps allow the user to “scan” the images of the veterans in the books and access additional content such as videos and photo galleries, sharing more of each veteran’s story”.

With the help of advanced AR technology (e.g. adding computer vision and image recognition) the information about the surrounding real world of the user becomes interactive and digitally manipulable. Artificial information about the environment and its objects can be overlaid on the books.  Who could have imagined videos coming right off the pages of a book?

So make sure you check out these books as you will learn history not only in a new way, but you will hear it directly from the person who lived it…  Order right now at under books. Other locations to purchase will be available soon.

So what does 2016 have in store for me? The overwhelming response from the books have led me to continue the work. So the stories of our veterans will be told in one form or another as It is so important not only to hear these stories of our history, but it’s giving the veterans a chance to tell their own story of war-time… So “Diminishing Generations” Volume 2 has begun….

Flanders_Field_119th_Infantry (1)

In the mean time while I am collecting the interviews for volume 2, I have started another project that will tie in with the WWII book of Diminishing Generations called Allegiance: Our Heroes Not Forgotten. This will bring the stories of our WWI and WWII veterans that were killed in action and buried in other countries to the present. More details to come in the near future as I get ready to travel and see first hand where some of these soldiers were killed and try to bring closure to their families today.

So this year will be very exciting as I will be visiting Belgium, Netherlands, France (Normandy), Bastogne (Where the Battle of the Bulge was fought), and Vietnam… This not only will help with my new project but I’m working on bringing the stories I’ve learned first hand from our veterans to a full circle… Not only am I doing this to preserve our history but it also now has become a personal journey.

More to come in this new year.. 🙂 To follow both stories while I document to progress there is a Facebook page called Diminishing Generations and Allegiance: Our Heroes Not Forgotten.




What a Turnout!!!

The day finally came… November 14, 2015… The build up… The anticipation… lol and the stress…

When you have an event, any kind of event there is always bumps and detours along the way. For this event there were just a few, but actually I’m really glad they happened. I was hoping and actually praying that this would turn out to be an amazing event not only for the books but for the veterans.

I was so pleasantly surprised at the turn out of this event. Of course as I’ve told many before that day I would probably be in some kind of la-la land… As the stress, excitement was going to be over the top.

I was clueless to the fact there were lines waiting to come in. I never expected, always hoped, but never expected the amount of people who had attended this event. People came from all around the U.S. just to come to this event. They came from as far away as New York, Louisiana, Arizona and Oregon just to name a few. I pretty much never really had a chance to take a break as I stayed in the chair signing books one right after another. Yes my hand was cramping lol

I achieved my goal… The first and foremost goal was giving a voice to our veterans!! Opening up communications within families, neighbors and even strangers. Getting the youth today wanting to learn about our history in a new way… Getting some veterans to start talking about their time in war… Endless reasons like this is why I started this project.

On this day I wanted our veterans to feel special… They didn’t realize people actually wanted their autographs.. 🙂 It was awesome.. For some it was so overwhelming… appreciated but emotional…

The day was full and busy… People coming and going… I was approached a few times by the employees that we were well over the fire code… Which meant we were out of room and had to many people in that locations… lol I’m thinking that’s a good thing lol… So to fix that problem the employees of the ship decided to take groups of people on a tour of the ship to somewhat thin out the crowd.

I was amazed when a woman approached me from the side while I was signing books… She was the head woman of the so-called ticket counters. She had to come and meet me and shook my hand… She said she had never seen so many people and lines for an event like mine… So she wanted to meet me in person…  lol

Well, now that the event is over and I’m trying to relax.. I got to sit back and think about it.. I came to the conclusion that it was like having a baby.. lol That proud but anxious time.

I couldn’t have asked for a better day… Thank you to our veterans for your service and being part of this amazing project…


photography by: Brewster Gonzales











Playing Catch-Up

What’s the old saying.. Three steps forward and 2 steps back. That is how I feel trying to get things moving. My goal with this blog is not only talk about my adventures, my new projects as well as share with you other artist that I come across. There are so many variations to the word “Artist” that I could go on… But I will stick to what I know best 🙂 I also know that art is subjective. So all I can say it is at least my option.. 🙂

There is one artist I do really want to share with you because she is soooo amazing. I know you’ve probably heard of the new movie out called “Heaven is for real”. Well, in the book they talk about this young girl. I haven’t seen the movie yet but I will here on Sun with Nicky and his family so I don’t know if they mentioned her in the movie or not. . Her name is Akiane Kramarik. She is 18 years old and is a prodigy artist. I encourage you to check out her website as they show her work since she was 4 years old.

I have been working really hard at getting exposure to my book called “Courage Under Wraps”. I feel it is one of a kind. Very strong, emotional and will definitely evoke emotion, good, bad and the ugly. It’s a story that needs to be heard. Finally it is.. Not only has a local news station aired a story about the book. Fox News in L.A. originally interviewed Nicky, his mother Silvia and myself. The biggest piece so far that has been done on it. It was well done and a great start of some major awareness…. The very next day the Fox stations around the nation started airing the piece.. Now that’s even more exposure… Wow.. I’m still trying to catch up.. I wasn’t expecting such an over whelming turn out. I am so grateful!! I have attached one of the interviews and will be attaching the Fox News one her soon.

Thanks for reading and following me while I go through this beginning process… Thank you Silvia for your help 🙂