AWE 2015

I’ve talked and posted about my project Diminishing Generations being shown at the Augmented World Expo 2015 in northern California. They finally released the video of Jim Dailey of Digital Delta Design discussion the process. Apparently it was a big hit 🙂

I’m so excited and can’t wait for this project to be released.  Yes I’m going crazy because I’m still in the middle of editing and writing and not counting everything else I must do… But when you see and hear these veterans tell their own personal stories you will be amazed…

I’m so proud as I go though editing the stories of the veterans. Even though I’ve heard it being told the original time, for some odd reason it seems more special as I sit in front of my computer privately listening again with no interruptions. Hearing every word they have to say… So much emotions along with some tears… I want to go back and talk even more… I never thought I could learn so much… It really makes me want to learn even more.

Here soon you will have the chance to also hear these amazing stories… We can listen to their stories which is so important to them but we will really never know what it was like to have fought in a war during that generation.

Thanks again for your support.


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