Take a deep breath…

Let me take a quick deep breath…

Life still goes on no matter what you do or what you are in the middle of doing… While documenting this project “Diminishing Generations” I’ve had to deal with my own personal emergencies… Not counting I do have a family… Being a person that doesn’t know the meaning of 100% only 250% that can be devastating… So I’m going to take a deep breath….

While I’m wrapping up the last bit of interviews of some WWII veterans I’ve begun editing the ones I have. It’s fascinating even though I was present at the interview it’s like I learn and hear more… While I’m editing I research things they tell me… the what, where and when… For example Eugene, a Navy man, was on the USS Helena when it got torpedoed… So I research the location of where it happened, the survivors ect… So not only am I editing I’m also learning more in-depth American history. And of course one thing leads to another…

Time is coming close to the release of the book… November 14, 2015. Although to the average person it’s actually far away… But for me lol it’s to close… So I’m not only working on editing, writing, interviewing… I’ve also been working on designing the book covers and preparing for the release…

I want to really thank a few special people who have helped me so much along the way… That is Bob Alvis, Linda Willis and Dayle DeBry… When I need something they are there for me.. Johnny on the spot… Sometimes it’s a short notice but they always come through… I can’t thank them enough!!!

Take a deep breath… Now for some amazing news… Not only is the release scheduled for November 14, 2015.. The release will be held actually on the USS Iowa. You will be able to meet some of the amazing veterans that are in the books… So stay tuned for details coming in the near future…

Thank you for letting me breathe….



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