I’ve Been Away…

I feel if you are a true artist your projects never end no matter how big or small. The drive to create something is so strong you will always find a way to make things happen. I’m sure you’ve heard not only myself but others say… “This will be my last project”, meanwhile already making planes for the next one. For me I tend to leave myself open for all possibilities as I’m a student of life. As I always say, I’m a firm believer things happen for a reason. People are put into our path whether it’s for 5 minutes, few hours, days or even a lifetime for reasons we may never know.

I’m not a writer… I am an artist… My writing in this blog will not be perfect grammar and punctuations but it will be from my heart with compassion and emotion. I want to share what I see and how I feel… Some of my projects will always be continuing because they mean something special to me… There is a deep purpose for what I show and do. It might not be for all but it will be for some… the right some for that purpose.

I’ve been away for a while diligently working on an amazing project called Diminishing Generations. I feel I’ve gone back in time learning about the past first hand. Hearing stories from the people who’ve actually lived during the times we call history. In this specific project you will hear the stories of our veterans that served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam wars. You will hear first hand account of each persons perspective during their time in war. The good, the bad and the ugly from Pearl Harbor survivors, POW’s, women in war, pilots, medics, infantry, sailors, soldiers just to name a few. For me doing this project I’ve had the pleasure of learning more in-depth about the veterans and their families. Which I will cherish forever…

Towards the end of gathering the interviews I was finally able to get to Baton Rouge to interview a some veterans. I had the pleasure and wonderful time with amazing hosts, Bill and Barbra Auten. Not only did they take good care of me they had treated me to a wonderful day at the WWII museum in new Orleans as well as other amazing ventures. Until that day I really didn’t understand what I had gathered with the WWII veterans. Being at the museum had finally put everything in to perspective. As I walked around seeing images with captions I was blown away… I turned to Bill and said I know the whole story about that image as I had interviewed a veteran on that ship. As we continued on things like that kept happening. Then and there I knew how I had to layout the book.

I am close to the end gathering stories from these veterans. Then it will be a task editing and writing for the books. Yes, books… There will be one for each war. As for the writing, it will be correct as I will have an editor. πŸ™‚ Now the chores for Jim Daily of Digital Delta Design and myself for the next several months will be long and crazy as we get moving on completing this project. I really can’t wait for you to meet these amazing veterans.

So stay tuned…





2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Away…

  1. Denise Wigle

    Absolute fabulousness! I remain totally impressed with your work, your drive and mostly your stories and the people. It;s always about the people. I love what you are doing. I just love your heart.


  2. jodichampagne Post author

    Thank you Denise!! You just made my day.. I’m so happy you feel that way… I hope others will soon learn what amazing people they will virtually be meeting… πŸ™‚



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