Honoring Our Soldiers

WPJamesAs I continue to work on me new project “Diminishing Generations” I am learning more of what our soldiers have been through. Weather it was in WWII, Korean and specially Vietnam. As I do my research I am in Aww.. It makes me want to do this project even more. Although many projects have been done on our vets but I believe mine will be different. As I continue on building this book I want it to be more than just an image of an individual. I want our new generation and ones to come see, hear from these soldiers before their time. I want them to appreciate what they have been through for their rights and freedom. As I had mentioned I am an emotional shooter and I become very involved with my subjects. My goal is to have you feel the same when it’s all done…..

I have started working with retired US Army Signal Corp SSG James Poynor. He was stationed in Bosnia, Kuwait & Iraq. I am looking forward to sharing his story.

Coming soon I will be working with Louise Brown. An amazing woman from WWII.

Doing projects like this takes time, planning (a lot) and patients… Looking at the states trying to map out a travel plan is fun 🙂

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