Diminishing Generations

plane copyKorea: Air Force Rescue Plan



When I first received my camera I began photographing everything. It was like a kid in a candy store where the world was their “candy”. I experimented with various types of genres. I tried and loved all types of sports.  I’ve done portraits, wedding…. Landscape. I’m even working on conceptual and mixed media. My favorite pastime is Street Photography. But there is something that happens every single time I shoot. I’m drawn to go beneath the surface. A gut feeling there is a story that needs to be told. I know sometimes I’m very emotional about things but I feel it’s more passion to tell that story. Show people what I see and feel. Hoping in the long run it makes a difference or change the perspective of others like “Courage Under Wraps” has.

I was actually planning and mapping out a project that was about to start until I met a wonderful amazing woman Louise and her daughter Beth. The meeting was by chance.. actually we all felt it was fate. We had an amazing conversation and as normal my mind went crazy with wonderful ideas. I actually ran those ideas by her and it was welcomed with open arms… Not only did they love the idea but they really want to be a part of it. That’s when this project took off… “Diminishing Generations”.

This project will take my story to the next level with the latest technology with Jim Dailey at Digital Delta Design. My main goal will be to publish a book but the ultimate goal will be three from this project. You will read some amazing stories from people throughout the US. I have a Facebook page set up for you to follow me through my travels and learn about what’s up next. In the mean time I will share with you some stories here as well.

I hope you find the stories of these individuals amazing.. and appreciate them and their stories they tell.



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