Waiting On A Friend

As a photographer you can shoot everything from documentary, weddings, portraits, sports, commercial, fine art and the list goes on to the type of genre you can shoot. Over time you develop a style of your vision. Then you find yourself naturally and sometimes unknowingly lured to a very specific genre that you enjoy the most. For me I find myself being drawn to the unknowing stories of individuals I see or come across. Life that is normally over looked by our own daily pursuit of obligations.


I took a break from working on my book called “Courage Under wraps” to go out street shooting with some friends.


One of my projects I thought I had finished was called Waiting On A Friend. I found myself yet still drawn to it or maybe it’s just the idea of it that draws me in.  My passion is and always will be telling a story with my images. So I’ve decided that this project will probably never be finished until things change in our society.


This is one of the new images to become part of that project.


Waiting On A Friend

Waiting on a Friend is a typology of images taken of benches across Los
Angeles. As a street photographer, I search for ways to reflect the culture
of the unnoticed, the community that exists under the radar and is rarely
celebrated or documented.  The irony of these images are that these are not
people waiting for buses, they are looking for a place to pass time, spend
the day, and perhaps, wait on a friend. Transit comes and goes but yet they
are still there. I don´t need to know their stories, but I do need to
acknowledge them.


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