Artist Writing


The famous words I always say is that I’m not a writer I’m a photographer and my images will tell the story. I thought I was crazy when I was having such a hard time writing about myself and my work. But I soon discovered I’m not the only one with this issue. Many artists in different genres have a hard time writing about their work. I can tell you with such passion but to write it down with the same emotion… Ugg. Well, as with everything I do I am going to take the bull by its horns and break down this invisible wall I have about writing. So I will soon be a student of the UCLA’s journalism and grant writing program.

A friend of mine suggested that I record myself while I talk to someone about my work. That actually would probably help. Have you ever done that? What are other things you do to help yourself.

Coming soon “Waiting On A Friend”



6 thoughts on “Artist Writing

  1. Piscis

    Recording yourself talking is certainly not a bad way to break through those frozen fingers on the keyboard. Or you can take it one step further and use speech recognition software to dictate your stream of thoughts onto the screen, then just edit the results if you’re close, or try again if not!


      1. Denise

        Your pictures are so emotionally charged, so I am beyond happy that you are taking a class to isolate those words in your head. The more I read, the more I am able to communicate those words in print. Good luck! I look forward to seeing your progression.


  2. Toni Pitts

    I’m sure if you just write the way you talk you will be fine. Maybe your just putting to much thought into it instead of just letting it flow.


    1. jodichampagne Post author

      Hi Toni, I think your right. I’m over thinking. That’s why I thought maybe if I record myself when I naturally talk to someone about my work it would be easier to put it on paper. 🙂



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